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What are Facebook Groups and How to Create them

On Facebook there are several options and features available for users to socialize and interact with people with common interests. Within these functions, one of the most used feature is a feature that allows you to create Facebook groups; which has been useful to unite people who share similar ideas, purposes and have common interest. For this reason, today you will learn everything about Facebook groups and how to create one without issues.

Facebook Groups: What are they?

A Facebook group is basically a space managed by a user (administrator) with the purpose of bringing together multiple people from different locations, but with the same focus. These groups can have various purposes, such as entertaining, informing, or guiding the members on a specific topic. The administrator(s) of the group have full control of the group which allows them to determine the rules, restrictions and much more.

Depending on the rules laid down by the administrator(s), users are allowed to share multimedia content or texts that abide by rules and align with the main idea of ​​the Facebook group. As a result of this, the other members will be able to comment, interact, share ideas, make new friends or simply react to said publications.

Likewise, the content shared in a group can be public or private to users outside the community (Facebook group), although these are options already configured by the administrator(s).

How to Create a Facebook Group

Now, creating a Facebook group is a simple process to carry out if you have the proper guide on how to go about it. Below is the step by step guide of how to create a Facebook group easily.

Using a Smartphone

  • Open your Facebook account from your Smartphone.
  • Select the 3 horizontal lines, located in the upper right corner of the home of your Facebook account.
  • Click: Groups > then click on > Create group.
  • Now assign the Group name and your preferred privacy settings for your group
  • Finish the process by clicking on Create group.

Using a Computer

  • Log in to your Facebook account from your computer.
  • Follow this path: click where it says groups (displayed on the left side of the screen) > Create new group > Enter the name and privacy of your choice.
  • Finish the process by clicking Create.

Note: After creating the group you still have the opportunity of reviewing the group settings such as changing group name, privacy settings and other group settings made available by Facebook

Why should I join or create a Facebook group?

The main objective of Facebook is to create spaces where individuals can find information and entertainment for themselves. Therefore the purpose of joining a Facebook group will always be to discover other points of view on a specific topic. Among the most outstanding benefits of participating in a Facebook group are the following:

  • Find friends who share some of your interests.
  • Being adequately informed about a specific topic.
  • Keep you properly informed about events, happenings and news on the topic of the group.
  • Being able to interact with other users freely.
  • Help share and promote content of interest to the group.