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Top Apps to Earn By Referrals in Nigeria

In this blog post we will get to know the top Apps that has been paying their users for each referrals brought to the platform.

Earning via any platform referral program has always been a win-win for both the platform and also their users and everyone gets what they want. It is also one of the most effective ways of getting more users to a platform.

Their are few apps that had a referral program but over time they tends to either reduce the referral bonus massively or even suspend the referral program. But on this blog post we will get to know the best platforms to earn by simply referring your friends.

Platforms like Piggyvest which has a referral program that normally pays up to N1,000 for each successful referral has now disabled their referral program. The platforms we will be sharing here will be those that has been around for long and still pays well for referral bonus.

Below is a list of the best platforms to earn via referring your friends in Nigeria and how much referral bonus is being paid by those platforms

  • PalmPay – Pays N500 to refer a friend, N1,000 for 3 friends and N2,000 for 4 friends.
  • Chipper Cash – Pays N600 for each successful referral brought to the platform
  • Kuda App – Pays N1,000 for each successful referrals

Those are the platforms best for earning via referring your friends as at the time of writing this blog post. Let get straight to the procedures on how to earn via those platforms.

How to Earn On PalmPay Platform

PalmPay has been one of the best apps that rewards their users to use the platform. They reward their users with coupon for making transactions like airtime purchases, bill payments, bank and internal transfers etc.

The coupons rewarded by PalmPay can be used to make discounted airtime and data purchases of up to -50%. Now talking of earning from PalmPay referral program, follow the procedures below on how to get it done.

  • Join PalmPay via their website.
  • Input your phone number and register
  • Then proceed to download the app from Playstore
  • Once downloaded, sign in with the phone number used on their website
  • Fill in your details (Name, Email and password) the input the OTP sent to your phone number
  • Upon completing registration, you will be rewarded with N100 airtime which can be on the same phone number used when registering
  • From your dashboard, click on “refer and earn” copy your referral link and start sharing with friends.

It takes about 24hrs for PalmPay to verify your referral earning and add it to your PalmPay balance but once done you can simply withdraw to your local bank accounts.

How to earn on Chipper Cash Platform

Chipper Cash referral program offers N600 for every successful referral made by their users. Initially the referral bonus was N500 which was later increased to N600.

Chipper Cash is also an app that allows their users to make airtime purchases, data purchases, bill payments, Crypto investments and much more.

Without much talks let get to know how to earn from chipper cash referral program.

  • Download Chipper Cash App on Playstore
  • Open and sign up with your details (Name and Phone Number)
  • Click on the profile tab and scroll down to “Get Verified
  • Click on start verification and follow the verification processes to get your Chipper Cash account verified
  • Once verified make a payment of about N600 to another Chipper cash account and you will also be credited with N600 automatically
  • After that, then copy your referral link and share with friends
  • You get rewarded with N600 for each friend you refer and your friend also get the same upon verification and sending N600 to another Chipper Cash account.

That’s exactly how to earn and accumulate the earning on Chipper Cash referral program.

How to Earn Via Kuda Referral Program

Kuda is a microfinance banking app that allows for daily banking activities such as money transfer, airtime purchases, data purchases, bill payments etc. They also offer loan services to eligible users with affordable interest rates.

Kuda referral program gives both you and your friend N1,000 each for each successful referral referred to the platform which makes it more interesting. Let get to know how to participate in Kuda Referral Program

  • Click here to download Kuda Microfinance Bank App from Playstore.
  • Launch the app and sign up for an account
  • While registering, use “RbDoJ0ie” as your referral code to be eligible for free N1,000 upon signing up.
  • Now start the verification process by submitting your BVN, follow by a valid ID card.
  • Follow the verification procedures promptly till you get the verified badge on your profile.
  • Don’t forget to use “RbDoJ0ie” as your referral code when signing in or you won’t be eligible for N1,000 sign up bonus
  • Once verified, make purchase of not less than N500 airtime and you’ll be credited with N1,000 which can be withdrawn to local bank accounts
  • To refer your friend, click on “More tab >> Referrals >> Share” then share your referral link with friends
  • Once your friend sign up via your link you both get credited with N1,000 as referral bonus.

That’s exactly how to earn and accumulate the referral bonus from Kuda Bank referral program. Enjoy while it lasts.

Drop a comment if you’re having any issues concerning any of the platform shared via the comment section and don’t to share with friends.