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Tips on How to Safeguard your Garena Free Fire Account

Garena Free Fire is one of the best and most popular battle Royale games on Playstore. It has about 1B+ downloads and still counting.

Free fire has different modes like battle royale match of about 50 players, clash squad match which is a 4v4 match, lone wolf mode, room matches etc.


We all know how annoying it is getting to loose one’s account to a scammer or even get banned from free fire or maybe the social login got disabled. Here are few tips on how you can safeguard your free fire account from all kinds of threats that might cost you your account.

If you cherish your Free Fire account and you don’t want to loose it in any way possible then this article is for you as we will be unveiling some tips why most free fire accounts was either stolen, banned or why the social login was disabled.

Below are few ways you can loose access to your account and how you can prevent that from happening.

Ways You Can Loose Access to Your Garena Free Fire Account and Prevention

There are ways in which you can loose access to your free fire account and it will definitely but painful especially after making series of diamond topups, having expensive custumes, Evo gun skins, vehicle skins etc.

Below are the ways in which you can loose your free fire account and how to safeguard your account from them.

1. Via Phishing Pages

This is the number one reason why most players loose their free fire accounts. They tend to trust someone with their logins and eventually get scammed in the process or even clicked on a scam link claiming to be Garena Free Fire and asking for their login Details.

Scammers use phishing pages to deceive players into entering their login details on a phishing page thereby gaining access the locking the original owner out of their own accounts.

Tips on how to prevent this:

  • Don’t click on any page claiming to be Garena Free Fire claiming to offer free stuffs or redeem codes. The image below shows a phishing page offering free stuffs to get your login details.

  • Sharing your credentials with such pages is just like sending then your login details in their inbox so avoid clicking on links offering free stuffs
  • To know if a link is legit or not check the url, as in the image above the url is and that’s not Free Fire’s website.
  • Garena Free Fire’s official website is Anything different from that is definitely a scam.

2. Via Unauthorized Third-Party Program

Using an unauthorized third party program such as hack tools will definitely get your account banned and lost forever. Garena Free Fire anti-cheat system has gotten strong over time and it’s capable of detecting anyone that tried to cheat other players

Garena Free Fire doesn’t tolerate hackers in their game as it frustrating to other players thereby banning any player who engages in such act.

The simple way to safeguard against such is:

  • Do not use any unauthorized third-party program that will get your account banned
  • Do not play free fire games with players hacking or using cheat in the game, you’ll be penalized for doing so
  • Only download the official Garena Free Fire app from Playstore and you’ll be safe.

3. Via Social Accounts

You can also loose access to your account if the social account (e.g Facebook) connected to the account got disabled.

This will lock you out of your account and the next step of action will be to contact Garena Free Fire and provide solid evidence you own the account

This happens mostly to Free Fire accounts binded with Facebook and to prevent this you just have to abide by Facebook community standards at all times.

4. Via Friends

This sounds funny but never you trust your Garena Free Fire Account credentials to a friend as you stand a risk of completely loosing your Free Fire account. Garena has no support for accounts lost to a scammer so you have to be very wise in things you do.

Simple solution to this is to keep your account credentials safe with you only and you’ll be safe from makor threats that can make you loose your account.

Those are the tips on how to safeguard your account from scammers and from being banned. Don’t forget to share with friends.