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How to Update Nvidia Graphics Drivers

Do you have a graphics card? If so, from time to time you will have to update its drivers in order to correct vulnerabilities and improve its performance, in this case we will show you how to proceed to update the drivers of an Nvidia graphics card.

Drivers, also called controllers, are essential programs for any component to function perfectly in the operating system. Being programs, they are also constantly updated and need to be updated on our computers.

From time to time new versions of graphics drivers comes out, and it is necessary to update them in order to be up to date in terms of bug fixes and vulnerabilities, possible news and even positive improvements in these components.

To update the drivers you can follow different steps, some simpler than others, but all of them aim to have the drivers updated to the most recent version possible and it is recommended that you update all your drivers periodically.

There are various ways in which you can update your Nvidia drivers in which we will be taking about in this post. Follow the procedures laid down here to get your Nvidia drivers updated.

Updating Drivers Via GeForce Experience

One of the first options you have to update your Nvidia graphics drivers is to use the GeForce Experience software. It is a program that you can download from the Internet or that you may already have when you installed your graphics drivers for the first time. If you don’t already have it you can download from below

  • Download GeForce Experience for Windows – Download here
  • Open GeForce Experience and click on “update driver”. You can also go to the “drivers” tab and click on “download”, a button will appear if the software detects you have an update pending.

  • If you have any pending update, the new version of the drivers will appear ready to install, first you will have to click on “download” and then click on install to update the drivers, the process that will take you few minutes.

If you see that no update appears, click on “check for updates” and the software will check for you if your graphics card has the latest drivers, or if on contrary, there is a new version that should be installed as soon as possible.

The advantage that GeForce Experience has is that the program takes care of the entire process without the user having to do anything more than clicking on few buttons to download and install the drivers, so it becomes the easiest method of all.

Something you should know about this option is that you must create a new account completely free of charge to use the software, although you can use Facebook or Gmail, among other options, to log in if you prefer and do not want to register with an email and key code.

Downloading Drivers from the Official Website

Another way you can update the drivers of an Nvidia graphics card is to download the latest version from the manufacturer’s official website, but for this you first need to know the specific graphics model to download the correct file that corresponds to your component.

If you want to use this method, all you have to do is access the Nvidia website and enter the “drivers” section, then you will see how a series of parameters appear within a list you’ll have to fill in with specific data about your graphics (type product number, product series, operating system, driver type, download type, and language).

When you have all these data correctly filled in, you can click on “search” and the drivers will be searched according to the parameters that you have previously entered, you will be able to see the details and features included in the driver update you’re about downloading and then you can click on “download” and install the new drivers for your Nvidia graphics.

Update Nvidia Drivers from Device Manager

More options on how you can update your graphics drivers, the last of which is to update the drivers from the device manager of the Windows operating system itself, for which you must follow some quick steps:

  • Press the Windows + Q key combination and type “device manager”. Search for “display adapters”, Open the dropdown and find your graphics card, now right click and click on “update driver”.

A new window appears with two options, “search for updated driver software automatically” and “search my computer for driver software”. The best thing is that you click on the first possibility since it looks for the newest corresponding specific version and installs it on your computer, in a few seconds you will have it installed.

As you can see, you have different ways to update your Nvidia graphics card drivers , although the first option is the best because it is a simple and automatic process that detects your graphics card and makes the exact update you need to install available to you.

The other two ways are more tasking and involve more steps, in addition to the fact that you need to know specific data of your graphics, something you’ll be able to know if you are an advanced user, but for a user with more basic knowledge it can be more difficult.

At this point, you already know how to update the Nvidia graphics drivers, there are several methods that you can follow and we have mentioned the steps that you must follow in each one of them, remember that it is recommended to always have the latest version installed so that your graphics works well and without problems.