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How to Switch Server on Garena Free fire

No doubt Garena Free Fire is one of the most played battle Royale games on Playstore. It was released in 2017 after PUBG was banned in India and since then Free fire players and downloads has skyrocketed.

Garena Free Fire Battle Royale game doesn’t support cross-server gaming and each server has it’s unique events different from other servers.

That’s where the challenge comes in as some server events are way more better than the other but since free fire doesn’t official provide a way of changing server many consider server changing on Garena Free Fire as a myth.

In this blog post we will be sharing the various ways on how you can change your server and you’ll also get to know exactly how to move from one server to the other.

Below are the various ways of changing servers on Garena Free Fire:

  • Changing server via the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • Changing server via a friend.

Those are the available options to change your server but bear it in mind you’ll be starting afresh on the new server account.

How to Change Server Via VPN

This method requires you to install a VPN before you will be able to change servers.

In this method, you’ll be creating a new account but on a different server. Garena Free Fire doesn’t allow players to choose their preferred server thereby making it difficult for players to change servers.

Garena Free Fire tends to automatically associates a server closest to your region for you which means if you’re in Nigeria you automatically get an SSA server account upon signing up without a VPN.

Follow the procedures below on exactly how to change servers via the use of VPN

  • Download any VPN app from Playstore or any of the VPN listed here (TunnelBear VPN, Turbo VPN, Panda VPN)
  • Once downloaded, launch the VPN and connect to a region in which you’ll want your account to be created.
  • Open Garena Free Fire, click on sign out to sign out the previous account then create a new account with the VPN turned on
  • Once done you have successfully created a new Garena Free Fire account on another server and you can now enjoy playing with your friends on the server.
  • To confirm your server click on setting and you’ll see your server at the top edge corner of your phone.

Note: Make sure you bind previous account to any of your socials (Gmail, Facebook etc.) before you create a new guest account if you’re using guest option while creating the account.

How to Change Server Via a Friend

Changing server on Garena Free Fire via this method is best and easiest that requires little or no stress.

All you have to do is contact your friend in that region to simply create an account on Garena Free Fire attached with a social login and simply give you access to it.

With that you can play with your friends on different servers and enjoy countless events that doesn’t exist on your previous server.

That’s all on how to change servers on Garena Free Fire also don’t forget to drop a comment if you’re have a challenge switching servers and share with friends.