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How to Play Garena Free Fire on Low End Devices

This blog post will enlighten you on how to boost your phone performance to run Garena Free Fire more smoothly.

Playing Free fire and phone keeps lagging or crashing can very annoying and frustrating that’s why we have listed few tips on how to boost your Android phone performance to run games more smoothly.

No doubts Garena Free Fire is one of the best Battle Royale games right now and also the most download Battle Royale game in 2021.

In this blog post, we will get to know few tweaks that can be done on your phone to make it run games faster and smother. Below are few tweaks that will help you achieve a better gaming on Android devices.

Few Tweaks to Play Garena Free Fire Game More Smoothly on Android

This tweaks does not require you to root your device as it might break any warranty plan you have on it.

1. Disable Animation Scale

Disable Animation Scale makes your Android phone run faster as it’s response to clicks will be different once disabled on a low end device.

Not only that you’ll be able to run Garena Free Fire game more smoothly but also other apps tends to run well than before.

Follow the procedures on how to disable Animation Scale on Android:

  • First you’ll need to enable “Developer Options” and if not already enabled locate “Build Number” and tap on it multiple times.
  • Head over to developer options, scroll down till you see Windows Animation Scale
  • Now set the three animation scales to “Animation Off

  • Once done you should start seeing your Android phone responding faster than before.

2. Fast Internet Connection

The speed of your internet connection also affect your game play and to avoid laggy game play you also need to get a fast and stable internet connection.

In Garena Free Fire the gaming ping matters alot in the game and can be improved by gaming with a stable internet connection.

3. Turn on Force 4x MSAA

This feature can also be found in Developer Options and so far the best settings to improve most games performances.

This feature comes disabled on most phones as it tends to drain battery faster than usual. But nevertheless it will provide you with a better gaming experience

Follow the procedures below on how to enable “Force 4x MSAA”

  • Go to settings, then to developer options
  • Scroll down till you find “Force 4x MSAA

  • Then toggle the enable button to enable it.

4. Use a Game Booster App

These are apps to optimize your Android device for better gaming performance.

These game booster apps tweak various options on your phone to make sure Garena Free Fire game runs smoothly on your device.

Using this apps will also help improve your device ability to run Garena Free Fire smoothly

5. Removing Unnecessary Junks Files

The more free space you have on your device the better the performance and likewise the more files you store the slower your device gets.

You should consider removing files you no longer need on your device and also uninstalling apps you no longer use too will make your device run Garena Free Fire more efficiently.

To remove junks the easy way follow the procedures below:

  • Go to settings, then click on storage
  • Tap on Free Up space button
  • Select the items you no longer need and click on Free Up at the bottom to delete those items.

Those tips about will make your Android device run more games smoothly and not limited to Garena Free Fire games.

Drop a comment if there’s anything you don’t understand and don’t forget to share with friends.