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Facebook Live: What it entails, and How to Use it Effectively

The Facebook platform has been used as a very profitable digital marketing tool for many companies; motivating its creator to design new methods and options that help increase the connection of a business with the public that follows it. Among the most popular tools within the platform is Facebook Live; which allows live broadcasts for the community of said social network.

Today you’ll get to know everything about Facebook Live: what it is, how to use it and tips to host a successful live show. Read through below and find out more.

What is Facebook Live?

As I have mentioned above, Facebook Live is a tool that allows users to make live videos for Facebook community; allows users to witness digital events, raffles, news of great interest to followers; as well as conversations open to the public. Also, those people who want to connect live have the freedom to react, write comments and ask questions. On some occasions, they can even donate money to support foundations or the influencers and artists which are present.

How to use Facebook Live?

Below are ways in which you can transmit through Facebook Live, through various devices and spaces of the social network; steps involved in these various ways will be mentioned below in details, so that you run a Facebook live broadcast without issues.

Facebook Live Via a Computer

Streaming a live video on Facebook Live Producer through your computer is a simple process and all you need do is follow the steps below to achieve your goal:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • In the news area, click on the text box that has “What’s on your mind?” written on it.
  • To continue select the “Live Video” option.

  • Set exactly how you want your broadcast such as “Choose where to post”
  • Write the title and description of your live broadcast and finish the process by clicking «Go Live».

Using a Smartphone: Facebook Mobile App

To broadcast videos on Facebook Live from your smartphone through the app, you just have to go to the page, profile or virtual event in which you want to participate and follow the steps below.

  • Locate the text panel where new posts are created.
  • Click on the “Go Live” option identified with a red icon.
  • Next is to set things up by setting your live broadcast to how you want it
  • Select which camera to use for livestream
  • Add title and description
  • You can also invite or tag your friends to join the live stream
  • Finish the process by clicking on the “Start Live Video” option.

Using a Smartphone: Creator Studio App

Streaming videos on Facebook Live is also possible using the Facebook creator studio app; an app designed to benefit the page administrators of the platform and Instagram as well; allowing them to have a better organization of the activity, monetization and impact of their projects. Next, we show you how you can use it to make a streaming or live video.

  • Sign in to the Creator studio app.
  • Click on the pencil and paper icon located in the “Publications” or “Home” spaces.
  • Click on the option called “Live“.
  • Add the title and description of your live video.
  • Click on «Start video».

Facebook Live: Tips to make a Successful Facebook live Broadcast

The main vision of Facebook Live is to ensure that entrepreneurs within the platform can connect with their public and the Facebook community; providing them with a space in which to publicize their business idea, as well as receive comments that help improve their business and ideas. However, the question of how do I make my live show successful? Will surely be a concern in the minds of many newbies.

Luckily, in the following list you will see a compilation of the most effective tips to grow your audience on Facebook Live.

  • Make an action plan and focus on offering your audience good content to watch.
  • Before going live, notify your audience and followers that you will be broadcasting live.
  • Check that all peripherals used used before connecting and ensure all are working correctly.
  • Create an attractive description for followers; don’t forget to add your location, tag the people who might be interested to participate in the live broadcast and add an emotion.
  • At the start of the live broadcast, try to entertain the public until reaching the highest number of views; before finally getting into the main purpose of the live broadcast.
  • Also do not forget to take into account the comments of the public to increase interaction with them.